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I offer an oncamera class through Caymichael Patten Studios, telephone 212-765-7021 or www.cpattenstudio.com

The class covers basic techniques for commercials, sit com, and dramas. We cover continuity issues, how to work in different camera set ups, and how to work in the audition room. We review dailies, screen tests, and reels. For further information, please contact the studio. My students are currently appearing in Avatar, How to Make It in America, the Law and Order Franchise, Mercy, The Good Wife, Ugly Betty, Damages, Castle, CSI, 24, Fringe, Gossip Girl, among others.

click here to download Be a good film actor

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Acting in Film by Michael Caine is a great place to start learning how to act in film.

Other excellent on camera classes in New York are:

Bob Krakower's class at One on One Productions, www.oneononenyc.com.

Marci Phillips (casting director at ABC)

James Calleri (independent casting director)

Roz Coleman (actress and coach who teaches the Margie Haber technique)

Ross Meyerson (casting director who teaches at One on One Productions)

Ellen Novak (former casting director who teaches and coaches privately. She is also on the faculty of the Yale School of Drama)


If you need to put yourself on tape for a casting director, you can do this at One on One Productions or at www.myicastny.com



Shot by Shot by Katz

Camera Movement by Katz

The Five C's of Cinematography

Directing Film by David Mamet

In the Blink of an Eye by Murch